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Whiskey & Rye

5Nines Distilling Single Malt Whiskey Lightly Peated PB001 700ml

After several years of carefully nurturing in casks, 5Nines are delighted to announce the first Single Malt Whisky releases.

The vatted releases are a marriage of complementary casks to create a smooth and well rounded whisky. The whisky is never chill filtered or flocked to ensure a true depth of flavour.

Cask Notes

Casks: A marriage of casks 5ND028, 5ND050, 5ND053, 5ND119

Cask Size: 4 x 100 litres

Oak: American

Cask Provenance: Old Forester Bourbon and ex Scotch whisky

Cooper: A Stiller & SA Cooperage

Char: Medium

Batch yield: 631 bottles

Tasting Notes

A gentle, easy drinking whisky experience which has you wanting more

Nose: Sweet peat, vanilla, ferns, honey, sourdough

Palate: Salty, brown sugar, vanilla, butter scotch, salted butter, pears, dark chocolate, orange marmalade, honey, heather flowers

Finish: Lingering saltiness & butterscotch spice

Production Notes

Malt: South Australian gown and malted Pilsner

Peat: 25% 5Nines peated malt, coastal peat sourced from South Eastern South Australia

Fermentation: 7 days

Alc/Vol: 44.2%