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5Nines Distilling Single Malt Whiskey Lightly Peated PB001 700ml

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After several years of carefully nurturing in casks, 5Nines are delighted to announce the first Single Malt Whisky releases.

The vatted releases are a marriage of complementary casks to create a smooth and well rounded whisky. The whisky is never chill filtered or flocked to ensure a true depth of flavour.

Cask Notes

Casks: A marriage of casks 5ND028, 5ND050, 5ND053, 5ND119

Cask Size: 4 x 100 litres

Oak: American

Cask Provenance: Old Forester Bourbon and ex Scotch whisky

Cooper: A Stiller & SA Cooperage

Char: Medium

Batch yield: 631 bottles

Tasting Notes

A gentle, easy drinking whisky experience which has you wanting more

Nose: Sweet peat, vanilla, ferns, honey, sourdough

Palate: Salty, brown sugar, vanilla, butter scotch, salted butter, pears, dark chocolate, orange marmalade, honey, heather flowers

Finish: Lingering saltiness & butterscotch spice

Production Notes

Malt: South Australian gown and malted Pilsner

Peat: 25% 5Nines peated malt, coastal peat sourced from South Eastern South Australia

Fermentation: 7 days

Alc/Vol: 44.2%

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