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Pet Nat

Barossa Wine Cartel Grenache Rose Pet Nat 2022

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The Barossa Wine Cartel 2022 Pet Nat Rosé is sourced from a single 130 year old Grenache vineyard in Ebenezer, at the Northern end of the Barossa Valley. The fruit was actually destined to be dropped on the ground by the grower, it was just fortunate that Josh was there at the right place and the right time.

The fruit was hand picked and the juice was pressed away from the whole bunches using a bag press to minimise oxidation. The juice was chilled and settled for a few days before the clear juice was racked away from the solids and allowed to warm up naturally.

The clear juice then started fermenting with the wild yeast found in the vineyard and winery, and the long, slow natural ferment kicked off. After a few weeks, the ferment reached the desired sugar level, so the wine was chilled and allowed to settle for a few days before racking and hand bottling the wine by gravity as quickly as possible.

No additions were made to this wine at all, it is 100% natural. As such a natural sediment will occur in the bottom of the bottle which is completely normal and harmless.

After a few months in bottle, the fermentation was complete, and the natural carbonation reached the desired level. BWC then hand labelled each bottle for you guys to enjoy!

Pet Nat is essentially a naturally sparkling wine. It is fun, fresh and has zero additives. It screams for a summers day, with loads of red fruits and confectionary notes. The palate is fizzy and crisp and it slides down a little too easily...

Alc/Vol: 11.5%

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