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La Linea Vertigo 25gm (slightly off dry) Riesling 2019

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Not all winemakers are privileged to have the opportunity to work with a specific vineyard site over a lengthy period. It’s a special thing

to be entrusted to nurture fruit into wine at any time; to do it from a block which produces first-rate fruit, for over a decade or more, is rare—and VERY special. The block of vines which has been the exclusive source for the Vertigo Rieslings first bore fruit in 1998; Peter Leske has been very fortunate in being able to make it into wine every year since then.

But it wasn’t until 2008 that Peter teamed up with David LeMire and the pair guided the fruit for the first time into a serious, delicately sweet (call it ‘off-dry’ if you wish) style: the ‘25GR’. It’s a special site, perched high on a very steep, north-facing slope just north-west of Lenswood, at an altitude of over 500 m. The vines are mature but look younger; they’re relatively small and don’t grow vigorously on the shallow, quartz-flecked soil. But year in, year out, they produce fruit of remarkable quality and consistency, with amaaaaazing natural acidity.

And it’s this acidity which makes the 25GR possible, and special. Yes, there’s approximately 25 g/L of natural grape sweetness

(retained when we turn the cooling on to stop the fermentation) which offers an extra dimension of mouthfeel and depth, but it’s the acid which ensures that the wine finishes dry and crisp; it keeps it light and refreshing. It’s not about the sugar! It’s about the acid.

Aromatically, there’s lovely cool-climate varietal perfume: lemon, lime, green apple and white flowers—and of course, the palate echoes these aromas. They persist and linger, which means that the wine has terrific length.

The low alcohol content means that you can have a second glass… team it with Thai or Vietnamese food, or simply a sunny afternoon and a good view. Like the one over the vineyard…

Alc/Vol: 10.5%


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