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Smallfry Tangerine Dream 2021

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With the release of our 8th vintage of this wine, Wayne Ahrens really feels like he is achieving what he wants to see from this style. An opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Ken’s vineyard in a way that he and his contemporaries could scarcely imagine while staying true to the roots of winemaking. Tasting the range of orange wines at Rootstock was a seminal moment for him similar to my first experience of wild yeast fermentation back in 2002.  Their place is probably the last to have plantings of Pedro, Semillon and Riesling in the whole Barossa, the majority of these vines saw out the first world war and were too old for call up so this wine gives them a reason for being and a reinvention. Their friend Grant Dickson at Fermentasian and Otherness Wines describes this wine as layering 101 and compares it (favourably) to Terroir al Limit and Wayne can only commend his superior wine knowledge.

The 2019 Tangerine Dream came second in the 2019 Drink Easy Awards – Best Skin Contact / Orange Wine

Colour: Deep golden orange, a fair bit cloudy.

Aroma: Citrus peel and spice blend with baser notes of oatmeal and brown rice.

Palate: Full and dry, grainy tannin make this the red drinkers white, multi layered, rewards time in the glass.

Summary: Orange wine lite? Bridges the gap between something like an oaky chardonnay and the more confronting skin contact whites out there.

Region: 100% Barossa Valley, South Australia

Variety: Semillon 46%, Pedro Ximenes 41%, Riesling 10.5%, Roussane 2%, Muscat 0.5%

Alc/Vol: 12.0%

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