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Tapanappa Tiers 1.5M Chardonnay 2021

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The 2021 Tiers 1.5M Chardonnay stands alongside its older sibling, the 2021 Tiers Old Block, as an equal, but with the subtle differences of its close spaced, French clone, earlier ripening habit. Both wines are truly outstanding vintage examples of the Tiers special terroir. The 2021 Tiers 1.5M is a delicate green-yellow colour, very similar to its older vine sibling. The aroma is restrained, more of white peach than nectarine and with the slight brioche and cinnamon-vanilla complexity of the yeast and oak. The flavour is intense and very fruit ripe and fresh. The aroma is dominated by the intensity of the Chardonnay fruit. The flavour is intense but refined reflecting the aroma with exceptional fruit sweetness and length of flavour. The trade-mark Tiers texture is offset by the acid and grapefruit finishing cut of the Tiers Vineyard.  The late ripening of a small crop in perfect cool, dry and sunny conditions, has defined a “near perfect” expression of Chardonnay from the unique and distinguished Tiers 1.5M Vineyard terroir. 2021 Tiers 1.5M Chardonnay is “a very special vintage of a unique wine defined by the truly distinguished Tiers Vineyard terroir”.

Bottled in January 2022 Only 400 dozen Grown and made.

Winemaker: Brian Croser

Alc/Vol: 13.4% 

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