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Pinot Noir

Vinteloper PN/21 Pinot Noir 2021

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This is analogue wine. Pure, like a classic car, it oozes raw style. Vinteloper believe that the production of Pinot Noir is rarely without obstacle. That's why they love it and why they praise the accomplished seasons.
2021 is certainly one of those. 

Minimal intervention winemaking is always key with Pinot Noir. But when it comes to a variety so delicate and challenging, experience teaches you never put the cart before the horse.
Measured vineyard inputs, the details and collaboration between winemaker and grape grower is the path to the highest quality.

Everyone needs a go-to Pinot on their wine rack. Vinteloper have dedicated decades to make this yours. 

Alc/Vol: 13.5%


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