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Goodieson Brewery

Jeff and his wife Mary have spent the last 10 years building Goodieson Brewery. The couple, who spent their twenties travelling through Europe, developed a taste for craft beer among the traditional beer houses of Austria and Germany. Returning home to Australia in 1994 via the US, they saw the rise of craft beer and on return to Australia, Jeff completed a Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours in Malting and Brewing in 1999.

Landing a position with Lion Nathan, Jeff honed his skills at West End Brewery in Adelaide, before taking a technical position at the company’s national office in Sydney. However, with two young boys it just wasn’t how they envisaged their life, so they tossed it all in and moved to McLaren Vale, bought a couple of acres, a brew house and a shed. Jeff says it took over two years of teeth grinding, hair pulling and patience to get up and running and to where they are today, 12 years later.

Now, Jeff is frequently listed as a person of influence within the Australian brewing industry, and a leader in South Australian business. and the list of amazing beers they create just goes on. From Chocolate Stout, Coffee Stout to Lemon Pale Ale and everything in between.

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