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Red Hen Gin

Another Gin distilled in the Adelaide CBD - Bringing together the Vallelonga brothers – Michael, Daniel and Anthony – and honorary brother, Luke Page, in a venture that takes its name from the redhen railcars that got them to and from school twenty years ago”

Distilled in small batches with Aussie passion in the traditional London Dry Style. Red Hen use a copper column still to delicately infuse alcohol as it passes through hand picked botanics.

Local flora has created something quite unique in Red Hen. Native Muntrie Berries, local citrus and peppercorn amongst other ingredients give it a vibrant, crisp flavour.

  • Red Hen Gin 700ml

    • Red Hen Gin 700ml
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    • Red Hen Gin 700ml

      A delicate gin that is Juniper forward, with some soft citrus & floral notes upfront. The pallet is crisp and peppery off the back of fresh Celery Leaf, Cubeb Pepper Berries and Grains of Paradise. These tones flow smoothly with a hint of Cassia into a light but earthy finish....