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Whisson Lake

Mark Whisson and Andrie Whisson are the duo behind this wonderful brand. Mark is the Viticulturalist and Andrie is the winemaker.

Everything they do in the vineyard is focused on improving the health of the soil and the vines with as few inputs as possible.
The cool climate means their grapes ripen late, in many years just as the vine leaves are turning golden and the nights are growing cold.

That presents a challenge for fermenting, as they take their cues from traditional Burgundian winemaking styles, focusing on small ferments and aiming to get their ferments up around 30 degrees Celsius. They insulate and warm our ferments, because vintage is cold that high in the Piccadilly Valley.
The young wines grow slowly in their barrels for 18 to 20 months on grows lees, They do not filter or fine and use minimal sulphur.

They are creating amazing Pinot Noir's and it is a delight to have them in our shop.

  • Whisson Lake Black Label Pinot Noir 2022

    • Whisson Lake Black Label Pinot Noir 2022
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    • Whisson Lake Black Label Pinot Noir 2022

      A product of the truly remarkable 2022 vintage in the Adelaide Hills, this ‘Black Label’ represents the very best of a young wine from Whisson Lake. Its pale colour belies its intense fruitiness with heady perfumes of strawberry, roses and sour Davidson’s plum. Dig down and uncover more restrained aromas...