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Ginny Pig Distillery

Ginny Pig Blueberry Gin 500ml

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A Blueberry Gin Delight

Made with real blueberries this is a sweeter gin with a mild vanilla touch. A juniper forward gin best served with tonic, soda, lemonade or even your favourite Moscato.

Such a pretty colour in the glass, we suggest garnishing this gin with a slice of orange or fresh blueberries.

All our gins are produced in small batches, so every bottle is unique. You may notice a small amount of sediment in the bottom of some of our bottles, but don’t worry! It’s entirely harmless and is not removed to preserve the flavours we work so hard to put into our gin. Just give the bottle a gentle shake and you're all good to go. We also recommend storing this one out of the light to prevent slight colour changes.

Alc/Vol: 42%

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