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La Bise Sangiovese 2021 - 6 Pack

La Bise Sangiovese 2021 - 6 Pack

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Delving into the realm of Sangiovese is akin to navigating a passionate romance with a hot-blooded Italian man, characterized by its temperamental nature and the perennial surprise it brings, swinging between affectionate moments and occasional frustrations. The Sangiovese for this venture is sourced from Caj Amadio's vineyard in Kersbrook, boasting five distinct sites, each presenting varied aspects and characters. The luxury of selecting fruit from different sites based on vintage conditions allows for a nuanced expression tailored to the winemaker's style.

In the winery, a blend of cultured and natural yeast is applied to a diverse array of fruit parcels. The fermentation extends over 16 days at cooler temperatures, a fitting environment for the Sangiovese grape. Following this, the wine matures in large oak barrels, aligning with the La Bise style that prioritizes the prominence of fruit, seamlessly integrating oak flavors.

Sangiovese, in this rendition, emerges as a wine of notable texture and mouthfeel, striking a balance between density and elevated fruit aromas, characterized by aniseed and cherry notes. Adding a distinctive twist, a small portion takes on an Amarone style, undergoing a six-week drying process in the vineyard, followed by fermentation and reintroduction to the cuvee in modest quantities. This unique approach contributes to enhanced texture and mid-palate richness.

Alc/Vol: 13.9%

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