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Tour De Riesling Pack

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Our staff at Regions are big fans of Riesling. We taste and debate the merits of each wine before we select which wines will make it into our packs. These are not chosen based on what "special price" we receive but if they exhibit varietal characteristics and showcase the Region from which they are produced. Although this aromatic variety is originated from Germany we believe excellent examples are being produced in The Clare Valley, Eden Valley and The Adelaide Hills. Let us take you on a tour of South Australian Riesling with the following wines:

Guthrie 'The Other Side' Riesling 2021

Ministry of Clouds Riesling 2021

Torzi Matthews Frost Dodger Riesling 2021

Neldner Road by Dave Powell Eden Valley Steinert Riesling 2021

Muster Polish Hill Riesling 2021

Atlas 172° Watervale Riesling 2016

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Disclaimer: Our team make every effort to ensure the listed vintage is delivered in our curated packs. However, as products are depleted, this may result in stock of varied vintages of which you may be sent. We appreciate your understanding on this.





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