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Whistler Fruit Tingle Frizzante 2023

Whistler Wines

Whistler Fruit Tingle Frizzante 2023

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Made for those who enjoy a hint of sweetness. This spritzy frizzante has just the right amount of bubbles. It’s a fruit basket of flavour across your palate and like our resident Galahs, it’s best enjoyed with friends.

This wine is made up of five grape varietie s- 27% Semillon, 26% Riesling, 18% Chardonnay, 17% Muscat Blanc and 12% Pinot Blanc. The Semillon and Riesling were grown here on our Whistler Estate using organic and biodynamic practices and the Chardonnay, Muscat Blanc and Pinot Blanc were grown by Greg Barritt, down at Rowland Flat towards the southern end of the Barossa Valley using sustainable viticulture.

All five grape varieties were picked on the same morning and pressed to tank. From there they were cold settled before being rough racked. Natural fermentation took place and and sugar was stopped at 22.5g/L using cooling. CO2 was added during the bottling process at 4.5g/L.

This wine is designed to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously. It has a hint of sweetness and a spritz that leaves you feeling refreshed and wanting more. Dangerously smashable stuff!

Alc/Vol: 9.9%

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