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Zitta Wines

Zitta Union Street Barossa Reds Pack

Zitta Wines

Zitta Union Street Barossa Reds Pack

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This delightful 6 pack from Zitta Wines showcases their Union Street range and includes Estate Grown Grenache, GSM and Shiraz.

"Union Street label takes its name from the home street address of its owner. It was a funny set of circumstances that this range of wines came to be. Friday night was the local drop in where friends would call in for some pizza and a glass of wine. The Zitta range back then hosted a small range of great wines produced to accompanying fine dinning and special occasions and still are. 

Pizza on a Friday night not really a great match for these wines The discover of a box of unlabelled wines in the kitchen cupboard quickly drew popularity one Friday night and the accusation of keeping the best wines a secret was soon mentioned. But not so as explained to friends these are just my personal table wines I have with my dinner and were made in the same style my father made. I grew up with these wines as I have given you our finest wine which I share with you all on a Friday night.

Well why don’t you produces these wines as they are so good with food and keep your fine wine for more appropriate occasions where they would be better appreciated were the remarks made. I can but I need a name. Come up with a name and I will promise to introduce the range. 

The Friday night weeks ahead were followed with lots of pizzas and plenty of wine as brain storming began. The sum of all the effort amounted to none. Till one Friday night when my daughter came home to the usual gathering and made a startling remark. This place on a Friday night looks like the Union Street wine bar. Silence prevailed, that’s it Union Street that’s the name.

The Union Street range are specifically produce for food on a Friday night or any night with a Shiraz, GSM and Grenache to suit the  mood and favourite food you could not resist to share a glass."

Angelo De Fazio - Zitta Wines Winemaker

In this packs:

2 x Zitta Wines Union Street Grenache 2017

2 x Zitta Wines Union Street Grenache Shiraz Mataro (GSM) 2019

2 x Zitta Wines Union Street Shiraz 2017

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