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The Other Right

Meet Alex Schulkin and Galit Shachaf, a dynamic husband and wife duo based in the picturesque Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Together, they share a deep passion for creating a variety of delightful things, ranging from practical to aesthetic, but their true love lies in crafting delectable treats, especially through the art of fermentation.

At the heart of their creative endeavors is The Other Right, a small-scale family wine enterprise. Guided by their unique approach, their winemaking philosophy embraces a seemingly laid-back style. By keeping operations to a minimum, they avoid unnecessary interventions and instead focus on the essentials. This approach demands meticulous attention to detail, patience, and an innovative mindset to overcome challenges that may arise.

What sets their wines apart is their commitment to using only the most natural processes. With no additives in sight, the wines are allowed to evolve at their own pace, in sync with their natural rhythm. The result is a vibrant expression of youth and freshness, characterized by wildness, vitality, and a zest for life. Each bottle from The Other Right embodies their dedication to preserving the true essence of the grapes and showcasing the inherent beauty of the winemaking process.

We also love that Alex and Galit give 5-10% of their profits every year to charity.... Respect!!

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