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Kurtz Family Wines Uncle Tony's Mataro 2021

Kurtz Family Wines Uncle Tony's Mataro 2021

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Uncle Tony's Mataro 2021, crafted by Kurtz Family Vineyards, stands as a celebration of one of the Barossa's finest varieties. This rich, dense, and fleshy wine unfolds with aromas of sweet piquant spices and dark fruits, intricately layered with notes of liquorice, tar, and dark rose florals. The finish is a testament to its depth, characterized by a long and juicy profile complemented by chewy, chocolatey tannins.

The stately Mataro vines on Uncle Tony's vineyard, planted by Otto Kurtz in the mid-1950s, hold a legacy initially known as Monastrell before adopting the name Mataro. Managed by Uncle Tony Kurtz since the early 1980s, these vines were traditionally blended into the Boundary Row GSM until 2015 when a straight varietal Mataro emerged. The meticulous vineyard practices, initiated by Tony and perfected in collaboration with his nephew, have resulted in the distinctive character of Uncle Tony's Mataro.

The inaugural release from the 2018 vintage was bottled in honor of Uncle Tony but, unfortunately, he passed away in May 2019, never witnessing the finished wine. As a tribute to Tony, this wine continues to be sourced from the vineyard, now under the capable stewardship of Neil Hahn. The label bears Tony's likeness, complete with his characteristic felt hat, bushy mustache, and broad smile, alongside an old grindstone that belonged to great-grandfather Ben, still holding pride of place at the vineyard.

Uncle Tony's Mataro is not just a wine; it's a flavorful companion to well-spiced, smoked, and charred foods. Whether paired with lamb kofta, cassoulet, paella, Argentinian T-bone, five-spice duck, sticky barbecued pork ribs, or chargrilled vegetables, it elevates the dining experience.

Sourced entirely from old vines planted in the mid-1950s at Uncle Tony's Mataro vineyard in Light Pass, Barossa Valley, this wine captures the essence of its vintage conditions. Adequate rainfall, healthy vines, and meticulous winemaking, including fermentation in a small, open fermenter and 28 months of maturation in seasoned French oak, contribute to the exceptional quality of Uncle Tony's Mataro.

Alc/Vol: 14.5%

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