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The Gospel 'Solera Rye' 700ml

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Made for your mouth and not your display cabinet, The Gospel Solera Rye is our everyday go-to. It embodies the classic rye flavours in an approachable soft and smooth way, making it perfect for mixers and easy drinking cocktails. Our unique Solera maturation system delivers an American style rye whiskey that goes down way too easily. When you require whiskey flavours without dominating your drink - from shot glass to tall and bubbly highballs - Solera Rye is what’s up.


A distinctly flavourful spirit with a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. An accessible rye with more character than you would expect.

NOSE: Baking spices, rich caramel sweetness, stewed plum with port wine.

PALATE: Sweet oak, orchard fruits, dark toffee, brown sugar and bright spices.

FINISH: Rich and long finish, carrying dried fruits and fresh spice.

HOW TO DRINK: Shoot it straight up, mix it in a Manhattan cocktail or as a Rye and Dry (Dry Ginger Ale & a slice of orange).


Made using 100% Australian grown un-malted rye from a single farm in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, one of the driest regions of the driest country in the world, The Gospel Solera Rye carries a depth of flavour that speaks to the land from which the grain was grown.

Utilising ancient technology that for centuries has been used to mature sherry, port, and even beer, The Gospel Solera Rye is double distilled and then aged in a five-tiered bespoke solera system of new American oak, second fill American oak and Australian red wine barrels in Melbourne, Australia. Adapting this unique process to our rye, we have created a distinctly flavourful spirit with a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Alc/Vol: 42.5%

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