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Boston Bay
When Graham and Mary Ford traded the bustling cityscape of Sydney for the coastal charm of Port Lincoln in 1982, little did they know that their journey would unfold into a love affair with the bounties of the Eyre Peninsula. Initially drawn to the depths of the ocean, where they skillfully harvested wild abalone, the Fords soon found inspiration in the tales of 19th-century explorers Baudin and Freycinet. Thus began the story of Boston Bay Wines—a tale of sea, land, and the rich tapestry of Eyre Peninsula.

Perched on the eastern hillside, gazing over the expanse of Boston Bay, the vineyard captures breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean's sparkling waters. Here, just 6km outside of Port Lincoln, ships, yachts, and migrating whales add a touch of enchantment to this remote paradise. Boston Bay Wines, as a family-owned venture, embraces a mission deeply rooted in the celebration of the region's finest seafood harvest.

In the heart of this coastal haven, Boston Bay Wines crafts premium red and white wines, each sip a testament to the dedication of a family committed to quality. The vineyard's commitment extends beyond wine, resonating in the unpretentious, flavor-filled food served with familial love and care to every guest.

Boston Bay Wines isn't just about producing award-winning wines; it's a commitment to capturing the freshness and vitality of the Southern Ocean that caresses the vineyard's edge. Partnering with the unique flavors and character of their wines, the winery creates iconic food and wine experiences that pay homage to the indulgent seafood and abundant regional produce of Eyre Peninsula.

As the Fords continue the tradition of extending heartfelt, generous hospitality, Boston Bay Wines becomes more than a vineyard; it transforms into a warm embrace of sea breeze, family values, and a genuine love for the land they call home.

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