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Little Bang Brewing Co

Fil and Ryan met in the early 2000's in games studios. Little Bang started in Fil's garage in 2013. The boys had been been home brewing together for years, the hobby was now a proper obsession. That's where the name came from, Fil and Ryan doing backyard science. By this time we both had jobs in or around the beer industry, and one day, after a few fine ales, they decided to make it something more.

So they built a brewery in the garage. That took a LONG time. And they filled out all the paperwork and got all the permissions. That took a REALLY long time. But after about 18 months it was real. And then again in 2018, with a solid little team in place, they worked up the courage to move to a much, much bigger place.

And now, somehow, they're not just two people mucking around in the shed any more. They have a crew of amazing, talented people and they produce some of the funkiest, yummiest beers we've tried.