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The name Coopers is clearly one of the best known in the Australian Beer Industry. As one of the oldest breweries in Australia, this six generation powerhouse has gone from strength to strength over the years. When Thomas Cooper used an old family recipe to brew his first batch of ale back in 1862, it would be fair to describe him as a novice craft brewer. Apparently he'd only intended it to be a tonic for his sick wife, but the resulting ale was so flavoursome that friends and neighbours soon came to appreciate it for more than just its 'restorative' properties.

One of the things that makes these ales so special is that they're naturally conditioned. Natural conditioning is a term that describes a secondary fermentation that their ales undergo once they've been bottled or kegged. A small amount of yeast is added to the brew prior to packaging which consumes any residual sugars and oxygen, naturally carbonating the beer and increasing its alcohol content slightly. 

Today, after moving from the original brewery at Upper Kensington in 2001, Coopers is stronger than ever. From the regular stable of Ales they make, to the seasonal such as the famous Vintage Ale, and the exciting new Australian IPA, this brand is one that belongs in the hearts of South Australians. They even lead the way in Home brew kits, teaching everyone how to make these wonderful brews at home, Cheers.