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Nestled in the captivating south-western fringes of McLaren Vale, Aramis Vineyards is not just a testament to the land's beauty but a reflection of the passion and vision of its owner and operator, Lee Flourentzou. A man with roots deeply entwined in Greek heritage, Lee is more than a wine enthusiast; he is the orchestrator of a symphony that blends food, wine, music, and hospitality.

Establishing a wine distribution organization in 1998 marked the beginning of Lee's journey into the world of wines. His seemingly boundless energy and eclectic interests led him to don multiple hats with an entrepreneurial spirit, engaging in endeavors spanning wine, food, and music. Yet, it is wine that occupies the throne of Lee's heart, and his long-nurtured ambition materialized in 1998 when he selected and purchased a vineyard block near Aldinga, on the fringe of the McLaren Vale wine region.

Aramis Vineyards, under Lee's guidance, is more than a vineyard; it's a canvas where his love for wine finds expression. The vines, perched on a long, steep slope, bear the imprint of Lee's dedication to creating high-quality wines that capture the essence of McLaren Vale's terroir. As you explore the alluvial soils and feel the maritime breezes, you're not just experiencing the land but the spirit of a man whose enthusiasm has breathed life into each grape.

At Aramis, Lee's diverse interests converge into a harmonious blend, creating a space where the love for wine is not just tasted but felt. The story of Aramis Vineyards is inseparable from the vision and passion of Lee Flourentzou—a man whose Greek heritage, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering commitment to excellence have shaped this haven in the heart of McLaren Vale.