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Pot & Still

Glen Ewin Estate in the Adelaide Hills has been a home and working farm for generations. Inspired by the tones, textures and flavours of the landscape, they select the finest hand picked figs from their orchard and extract every nuance of flavour for their products. This is where all their ideas emerge and develop.

Inspiration comes from strange places, Willa purchased some equipment from a closing food manufacturer and within the equipment were two striking sculptural vessels that reminded him of a Jules Vern Rocket Ship. He could see them as sculptures in the garden or orchard but they begged for more… These vessels would become their stills.

Having designed some manufacturing equipment for the figs, Willa set about researching distillation with a view to make the 'Rocket ships' work as stills. After many iterations and help from local engineers and family a workable design was conceived, it recycles water for cooling, incorporates heat recovery when transferring liquids from vessel to vessel and will incorporate his own design segmented column to enable beautiful balanced flavours to be extracted from the distillate.

  • Pot & Still Fig Gin 500ml

    • Pot & Still Fig Gin 500ml
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    • Pot & Still Fig Gin 500ml

      The figs are poached gently to extract the sweet fig aroma, essence, and earthiness. The gin botanicals and spirit show early on the nose with all the fig showing on the palate. Enjoy on the rocks with a squeeze of lime for a flavour explosion and a perfect balance of...