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The Pawn Wine Co.

The Pawn Wine Co. had its beginning in 2002 out of necessity when vignerons and winemakers Tom Keelan and his wife Rebecca Willson had a small parcel of fruit deemed ‘not good enough’ by a particular nameless, soulless wine monolith. They had now become mere Pawns in the global wine game, doomed to be played and moved around, and ultimately sacrificed.

So the 2 rolled up their sleeves and decided to show the corporate colossals what can be made from the right varieties grown in the right location. They set out to make small hand selected parcels of wine from alternative varieties grown in the Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek. They had seen that alternative grape varieties were being used as blending tools by the bigger corporate wine companies and that the potential of “old world” wine styles was not being allowed to shine.

Tom and Rebecca have set out to identify other idyllic viticultural sites and hand selected parcels of fruit within the Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek to produce wines that are not only a bit unconventional, but enjoyable to drink, incredibly food friendly, and made in a style that reflects their true origins – the ultimate in hand crafted Artisinal wine.

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