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Without doubt, the name Grosset is associated with premium wine. while Riesling is the first variety that usually comes to mind, Jeff has certainly made a name for himself with other varieties also, including Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Jeffrey Grosset was 15 when his father (an electrician) came home with a bottle of wine and shared it with the family. It was riesling and Jeffrey was gobsmacked. The rest is history. Jeffrey enrolled at Roseworthy Agricultural College on his 16th birthday, completing both Agriculture and Oenology courses by the age of 21.

Grosset Wines was established in 1981 when  Jeffrey purchased an old milk depot in the historic township of Auburn, Clare Valley. He gave it all the time and energy he had. Ingenuity was essential. Production was tiny and sold out quickly. Jeff's unwavering vision is to create pure expressions of variety and place. Four estate-owned certified organic and biodynamic (ACO) vineyards are located in high altitude country of the Clare Valley, each site selected for its potential to produce great wine and planted by Grosset. Each is handpicked and hand pruned; each bunch of grapes harvested at optimum ripeness.

Since then, this brand has grown into one of the most famous in the whole country. We are proud to have these wines on our shelves, if only for a limited time as they sell out so quickly. 

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