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Sunny Hill Distillery

Sunny Hill Farm was settled in 1872 by the Colliver family and has remained in that name until this day. Current owner and descendant Sam Colliver and his wife Olivia are the founders, owners and operators of Sunny Hill Distillery.

The wheat grown on Sunny Hill Farm is used for vodka production which then forms the base for gin and liqueurs. Barley is also used for whisky production. Sam and Olivia are passionate about sustainability and ensure every drop of rain that can be caught is used for production purposes.

From wheat Vodka, Dry Gin, Pink Gin and even Chocolate and Coffee liquers, these guys are producing some absolutely delicious gems. We love them all and suggest you head in to Regions to grab some, or add to your shopping cart today.

  • Sunny Hill Distillery Wheat Vodka 700ml

    • Sunny Hill Distillery Wheat Vodka 700ml - Regions Cellars
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    • Sunny Hill Distillery Wheat Vodka 700ml

      Sunny Hill 100% wheat vodka is mashed using wheat grown on their farm, fermented, distilled and bottled entirely on site making this a unique and sustainable "crop to drop" product. Voted best Australian pure neutrel vodka at London World Vodka Awards 2020. Awarded Bronze at San Francisco World Spirits Competition...