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Bridge Road Brewers

The Bridge Road story begins in the year 2000 when young Beechworth native Ben Kraus, packed his bags for Europe to learn more about the world and the art of making wine. Along the way, he got distracted on the ski slopes of Austria, met his wife Maria and ended up working at a traditional microbrewery in Innsbruck.

Winemaking quickly took the back seat, and Ben returned home a brewer (with Maria), determined to bring some quality to what was, in their opinion, a bland beer scene in Australia. Come 2005; the couple were just 25 years old when they opened the first iteration of the brewery in Ben's dad's shed on Bridge Road, Beechworth. It was a microbrewery in every sense with a 10HL brewery, bar, tasting room, and a bottling line all crammed into the tiny space. But it was clear Ben and Maria were on a winner and the brewery quickly outgrew its original location.

In 2006, the doors opened at the current home in Beechworth. It’s here that Ben and Maria’s vision came to life The brewery has grown to employ 40 staff (predominantly in Beechworth) who all share a passion for that vision.

In this age of changing lifestyles, alcohol free options for beer are becoming more important, And the Bridge Road Brewers Free Time Pale Ale is a fantastic choice.