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Full Circle Spirits

If anyone can make something positive out of a pandemic, it's Rose Kentish. Along with Sparkke Change Beverage Company co-founder - Kari Allen, Rose took the flagging sales brought on by Covid decided distill her beer and cider instead of pouring it down the drain. 

Rose has won many awards for her winemaking, of which she has done anywhere from McLaren Vale to Corsica and Provence. so in their most challenging moment, Rose Made Amaro from Sparkke's Cider and Lemon Flower Gin from Hard lemonade just to get things started.

Sparkke's craft beer packaging throws a spotlight onto issues like consent, climate change and treatment of refugees. These two powerhouse women have risen to a challenge and as a result, we get to enjoy these amazing spirits. Head in to Regions for a bottle, or see the ladies at Sparkke at Whitmore for a Gin cocktail.

  • Full Circle Spirits Botanical Vodka 700ml

    • Full Circle Spirits Botanical Vodka 700ml - Regions Cellars
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    • Full Circle Spirits Botanical Vodka 700ml

      You’ll find a shimmer of the Adelaide Hills in this smooth, soft vodka which is also creamy on the palate. The delicate savoury and floral notes come from fresh botanicals that have been handpicked in family gardens. Olive leaf, rosemary and thyme are savoury and herbaceous, while fresh spring lavender...