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Forlak Wines
Forlak of a better name, but not for a lack of purpose.

Who is Forlak? They are a group of 5 passionate, hospitality-oriented kids from SA & VIC. Between them, they have brought together their diverse experiences and
ever-growing wine knowledge; including the ample time spent sharing the wine they love with one another. Each member has worked at commercial wineries,
learning tricks of the trade, and while there has been much to learn, it has set them on a path of boutique, craft-oriented winemaking. They lost sleep trying to come up
with a name that was both unique and representative of their vision. Somehow, through mounds of winery, retail, and hospitality work, they managed to
assemble 5 unique people who were desperate to start their own wine label and leave their mark on the wine industry.

They had each fantasized over the idea of being able to make small batch wine with our bare hands –they picked, destemmed, and crushed; hand labelled,
and wax dipped until the cows came home. Finally, they are proud to announce that the wine is good to go, ready to drink and be enjoyed. Their wines are the
product of a love for winemaking, the big challenges it poses them, and the infinite rewards that come with sharing their wine. Forlak is hand-picked, naturally fermented,
and low intervention. These wines are a true declaration of high-quality fruit and their corresponding vineyards. At their core, they are an expression of their belief that nature does a great deal of the winemaking, and they are blessed with the opportunity to care for their wine as it unfolds. They make wines they love from their favourite varieties and into styles that they get a kick out of sharing with you. Cheers!

Kick back, drink some Touriga and tell your friends about it!

With love,
Declan, Guy, Maddie, Marissa and Zach

  • Forlak Adelaide Hills Rosé 2023

    • Forlak Adelaide Hills Rosé 2023
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    • Forlak Adelaide Hills Rosé 2023

      The Forlak Rose 2023 presents itself as a vibrant and enticing blend, characterized by its Juicy, Textured, and Precise qualities. From the moment it touches the palate, it exudes a refreshing Crispness and Freshness. Sourced from the Adelaide Hills, the Cabernet Franc and Syrah grapes are carefully hand-picked by friends...


  • Forlak McLaren Vale Touriga 2023

    • Forlak McLaren Vale Touriga 2023
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    • Forlak McLaren Vale Touriga 2023

      This wine, medium-bodied and fruit-forward, presents a deep purple allure in the glass. Vibrant acidity is accompanied by subtle herbaceous notes, creating a balanced profile. Lush fruitiness takes centre stage, dominated by dark berries and a hint of liquorice. Sourced from the Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard in Seaview, McLaren Vale, this...