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Edilillie Wines, pronounced Edi – Lily, takes its name from the Aboriginal term for two hills and a water source, representing a quaint country town nestled in South Australia. Situated in the charming hamlet of Sevenhill within the renowned Clare Valley, this vineyard offers a unique experience.

Edilillie Wines emphasizes its commitment to exceeding expectations. The team carefully selects the best rows of grapes, employing traditional handpicking methods. The grapes are then foot crushed and fermented in four distinct styles using one-tonne fermenters. With a focus on minimal intervention, the wines are basket pressed and crafted with little preservatives or additives. To achieve a subtle wood influence, older seasoned oak barrels are used. As a result, Edilillie wines shine with their vibrant character and elegant, lingering flavors on the palate.

Since its establishment in 1982, the 20-acre vineyard has enjoyed an easterly aspect, benefiting from the morning sunshine and avoiding the heat of the afternoons. This unique microclimate allows for a longer ripening period, enhancing the development of the grapes.

Grape grower David Cook resides on the vineyard and brings 16 years of experience to the cultivation process. Working in tandem with winemaker Michael Corbett, David ensures the selection of the finest fruit by walking the rows and picking at optimal times in small batches. The wine production takes place at Knapsteins winery in Clare, where meticulous attention to detail is given. With an annual production of 1000 cases, Edilillie Wines presents a limited and exquisite offering.

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